Put the tenets to practice!

Join us to develop tools to connect with nature and live a heart-centered life in a beautiful setting with like-minded souls (both human and non-human).

Retreat Activities may include*:

Animal communication - guided animal communication with local species, learn about their natural history, ecology and have a conversation!

Tree meditation -  guided meditation and intuitive connection with trees and other plant life.

Water meditation - contemplative, water-based meditation exercises designed to facilitate connection with the flow of life and heal the earth's water bodies.

Nature walks - contemplative hikes catered to the abilities of the group. Walks of varying difficulty and length will be offered.

Yoga - morning vinyasa yoga and meditation for all levels, to awaken the mind, body, and spirit.

And much more!

*retreat activities vary by location and theme

Oneness Retreat Rockies

September 22-24, 2017

We basked in the glory of fall foliage and animal activity in the Rockies in September. Retreat participants deepened their intuitive connection with the natural world with guided tree meditation, discussions about global coherence, a shamanic journey with their spirit animal, and live animal communication practice with a herd of elk! A transformational experience for all. 



"It's a good thing that pictures are worth a thousand words because there isn't enough space to express all the moments of personal insight and joy shared and received this weekend.  We all arrived at different view points in our journey but converged closer to Oneness with your guidance.  Starting with the magical location of Estes Park and choosing our retreat spirit animal set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  I especially loved the gentle morning yoga, the wildlife and nature hikes where we practiced what we learned in the intuition discussion, and the drumming during the Shamanic journey with my spirit animal.  Thank you for helping me find a more insightful experience as I looked upon the elk and deer crossing our paths, stellars jays and magpies visiting our cabin and the butterscotch smell of the magnificent ponderosa pines.  A tree will never just be a tree anymore." - Debra

"I am so connected...ONENESS. I have been driving under the Great Oaks of Savannah for 17 years now and never  have I experienced a response like today. As I passed under these trees with their branches arching over the road, I marveled at their beautiful magnificence with the strength and protections they so willingly give. I find myself imagining their root system expanding across the nation connecting to the Ponderosa Pine trees I experienced on the Oneness Retreat. I find myself uttering Oh's and Ah's and feeling giddy with gratitude! I straighten my ribcage and as my head and shoulders drop back into place  feel pure joy and honor to be moved spiritually, emotionally, and physically by these great wonders. Gratitude to Mother Earth and the Oneness Initiative, I stand tall like a tree now!" - Denise


Details for our next retreat coming SOON!