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SEPTEMBER 15, 2019: The Endangered Species Act - Why Is It Important?


The Endangered Species Act is one of our most powerful laws protecting threatened plants and wildlife in the United States and abroad for the past 40+ years. Did you know that this landmark piece of legislation was largely inspired by the bald eagle? Listen here to learn how important this law is to species recovery and why we need it now more than ever, straight from the mouth of a loggerhead sea turtle!

Endangered Species Act - Oneness A-Z
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AUGUST 11, 2019: Building Community with Beavers

Welcome back! After taking the summer off to rest and recuperate, Amy and Zoe are back to share their love of beavers.  Zoe has spent the summer working with beavers and had some wonderful stories to share about these amazing rodents! We ended the call with a LIVE communication with two beaver families, embodying Henry David Thoreau's quote: "I wish to know an entire heaven and an entire earth."

APRIL 14, 2019: Deep(er) Ecology

Join Amy and Zoe to dive "deeper" into the Deep Ecology philosophy and movement, focusing on how invoking the mantra "I am more conscious of my Earth body" shifts our perception of effort to take beneficial action in support of this living planet we call home. We ended the call with a discussion about Falling in Love with Mother Earth, a powerful article by Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hahn.

Deep(er) Ecology - Oneness A-Z
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MARCH 10, 2019: Original Instructions of the Salmon Nation

Join us to deepen your understanding of the Salmon Nation. Amy and Zoe will discuss how vital salmon are to ecosystem function and do a LIVE animal communication chat with Atlantic and Sockeye Salmon!

Salmon Nation - Oneness A-Z
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FEBRUARY 10, 2019: A Climate of Change

What does the national climate assessment have to say about where we are in regards to climate change, and where we are going? Join us to learn which aspects of the assessment matter to your community and how we you can support community-level action to counteract climate change in your local area.

A Climate of Change - Oneness A-Z
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JANUARY 13, 2019: Oneness in Literature

Kick off the new year with a oneness-inspired reading list! Co-hosts Amy and Zoe crack open over 15 incredible books on topics from personal empowerment to nature connection in celebration of peace and unity. What better way to start 2019?

Oneness in Literature - Oneness A-Z
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Building Community with Beavers - Oneness A-Z
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OCTOBER 13, 2019: Making Eight-Legged Friends


We were blessed to have long time Oneness Initiative member and "spider mom" Kelly Scott joining us this month on our Oneness from A-Z call. Kelly is a friend to the Spider Nation and has fondness for tarantulas. As a long time spider caretaker she will help us dispel common spider myths and better understand our eight-legged friends. Zoe and Amy will sharing spider facts, be discussing best all-natural and safe practices for getting spiders out of your house, and even chatting live with one of Kelly's tarantulas so bring your questions! 

Making Eight-Legged Friends - Oneness A-Z
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