DECEMBER 9, 2018: Cultivating the Gift of Oneness


 Join co-hosts Amy and Zoe for the last Oneness from A-Z of 2018, to explore the gift of oneness in our hearts and in our lives. On this call you will activate your heart space, learn three simple steps to intentionally cultivate oneness in your life, and take part in a discussion about sharing oneness with those around you.

Cultivating the Gift of Oneness - Oneness A-Z
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NOVEMBER 12, 2018: The Words Before All Else - Invoking the Thanksgiving Address


What would our world be like if every gathering began with an acknowledgement of our interconnection with all life? This conversation began with a full reading of the Thanksgiving Address and conclude with a discussion of its impact on our thoughts, feelings, and actions as we bring this knowledge into our daily lives. Now our minds are one.

The Words Before All Else - Oneness A-Z
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OCTOBER 14, 2018: Deep Ecology: Flipping the Script

What is Deep Ecology? When you speak of your relationship with the Earth, how can you change the story to reflect your interconnectedness with all life? Join us for this inspired, resource-filled conversation about how we can successfully navigate the Great Turning

Deep Ecology: Flipping the Script - Oneness A-Z
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SEPTEMBER 9, 2018: Reducing and Repurposing: The New Way to Recycle

In this educational conversation with A & Z,  learn about how and why recycling has changed in 2018. Find out how you can re-purpose your recyclables, "plant seeds of sustainability", and reduce your plastic footprint.

Reducing and Repurposing - Oneness A-Z
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AUGUST 12, 2018: Hop Into Community with Frogs

Why are frogs excellent indicators of water quality? What can they teach you about self-care and detoxifying your own life? Listen to this call to hear the answers to these questions and learn about frogs as conservation and spiritual totems. You don't want to miss insights from a live chat with a community of American green tree frogs living on Amy's back patio! 

Hop into Community with Frogs - Oneness A-Z
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JULY 8, 2018: Reconnect: A Road Trip to Oneness

Taking a road trip this summer? Join us to connect with culture, place, and nature around the U.S. and tips to help you tread lightly on your journey. Whether you have a favorite travel destination or have a unique experience around every bend, this call is for you!

A Road Trip to Oneness - Oneness A-Z
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JUNE 10, 2018: The Spirit of Water

Join us in connecting with the source of life on this planet. Water makes up 60% of your body and 70% of the Earth's surface, learn about how infusing water with intention shapes the structure of water molecules in and around you. The culmination of this call is a LIVE global water healing meditation!

The Spirit of Water - Oneness A-Z
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MAY 13, 2018: Bats - Our Backyard Friends (Yes...we said friends!)

We're making friends with bats! Essential for pollination and pest control, these flying mammals are more than they appear. Learn how you can support your backyard bat species, bats as spirit animals, and listen to messages from bat species around the world.

Bats: Our Backyard Friends - Oneness A-Z
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APRIL 15, 2018: The Earth Optimism Movement

There are more people awakening to how humans need to change their relationship with the planet than ever before. Listen to a discussion about the power of the Earth Optimism movement, and participate in a guided meditation envisioning perfect health for Mother Earth.

Earth Optimism Movement - Oneness A-Z
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MARCH 11, 2018: Take a Dive with Dolphins

Cultivate presence and joy with these magnificent ocean mammals! Join us on an exploration of dolphin life and conservation, and enjoy a special live communication with two unique dolphin pods.

Take a Dive with Dolphins - Oneness A-Z
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FEBRUARY 11, 2018: The Magic of Africa

Ever wondered how black rhinos feel about their human guardians? Then join us on an African safari! Learn about the life history and conservation initiatives for giraffes, rhinos, and cheetahs and engage in a LIVE discussion with these magnificent beings!

The Magic of Africa - Oneness A-Z
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JANUARY 2, 2018: Cultivating Oneness Within

As we embark on another journey around the sun and set intentions for the new year it is essential we tend to our mind-body connection. Join Amy, Zoe, and our special guest-- holistic healthcare professional and Buddhist--Dr. Dean Nelson, in a discussion of how to  support our mind-body in a modern world. Learn more about Dr. Dean and purchase mindfulness products at www.drdeanhawaii.com.

Cultivating Oneness Within - Oneness A-Z
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