"Hold the vision, trust the process."  - Author Unknown


Amy Miller and Zoë Hanley met in Lakewoood, Colorado at an animal education event in 2012, where Zoë pulled a "Friendship" card from a deck of Conversation Cards at Amy's booth. In the years that followed they fostered a vision to create a global community which practiced heart-centered living in connection with nature, with a unique intuitive twist. In 2016 we felt it was time to share our passion project with the world, and the Oneness Initiative was born.  



Amy Miller, B.S.W., Intuitive Animal Communicator, Award-Winning Author, Pet-Loss Grief Coach, Reiki Master, and Speaker, brings a unique balance of enthusiasm and expertise to the Oneness Initiative. Calling on her soul's passion,  and her intuitive gifts, Amy brings the voice of animals into the conversation of living in a way that powerfully and positively affects the lives of the animals and people she works with. As a long time oneness advocate and ambassador for conscious companionship with animals, Amy believes that how we engage with animals is essential to raising the vibrational energy of individuals, communities, and the world lifting our collective consciousness. 

An avid reader and fierce possibiltrarian, Amy’s infectious optimism combined with her social work background offers strong foundation for inspiring and empowering others to live in a connected and heart-centered way. A Wisconsin native Amy currently lives in Colorado with her German Shepherd Griffin. To learn more about Amy and her work visit www.intuitionsllc.com 


Zoë Hanley, PhD, Intuitive Ecologist, Animal Communicator, and Theta Healing Practitioner has spent over eight years exploring the connection between humans, animals, and the natural world. Through her unique expertise in both wildlife ecology and animal communication Zoë is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and intuition by facilitating mind-heart connection between human and wildlife communities.


Born and raised in Rhode Island, Zoë’s passion for all things wild drew her to the American West where she participated in conservation projects involving everything from native plants to bobcats for state, federal, and non-profit wildlife organizations. Zoë served as the Director of Research Studies at Animal University conducting research studies designed to validate interspecies communication and understand how telepathic messages are sent and received. Zoë has a PhD in Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences from Washington State University where she studied wolf-livestock interactions.