DECEMBER 11, 2017: Polar Bears - a Conversation About Global Oneness

In the Arctic, polar bears are a barometer for ecosystem health. In the current global climate plight they are key indicators of how we as humans are affecting the world. On this call, we explored polar bear ecology and chatted with both healthy and unhealthy individuals to gain understanding and perspective. 

Polar Bears and Global Oneness - Oneness A-Z
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NOVEMBER 13, 2017: Align with Nature's Rhythm 

Do you feel funky and discombobulated in the Fall? Deepen your connection with the natural world by cuing into the ebb and flow of the seasons Join us for tips on how to slow down and go within as the nights get longer and the days colder - from Ayurveda to the danish practice of Hygge!

Align with Nature's Rhythm - Oneness A-Z
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OCTOBER 16, 2017: What's Up with the Bees?

Have you ever thought about how bees communicate with one another? Gain insight into the ecology, society, and conservation of an imperiled and amazing insect. Amy and Zoe end the call with a LIVE conversation with two bee colonies and resources for how you can assist the been nation.

What's Up with the Bees? - Oneness A-Z
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AUGUST 14, 2017: Moose, Mountain Goats, and Martens...Oh My!

Connect with the animals of Rocky Mountain National Park in preparation for our in-person weekend retreat in Estes Park, Colorado. Why are mountain goats the Tibetan monks of the Rockies? What do moose think about humans? Listen to our LIVE animal communication to hear what these beautiful beings have to say!

Moose, Mountain Goats, and Martens - Oneness A-Z
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JULY 10, 2017: Conscious Wanderlust


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” - Jawaharial Nehru - This is what keeps us seekers and oneness co-creators traversing the globe. How does our mindfulness practice inform how we engage in social and environmental travel decisions? Lastly, Amy and Zoe share an EXCITING Oneness Initiative Anniversary Announcement! Tune in to learn more...

Conscious Wanderlust - Oneness A-Z
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JUNE 12, 2017: Wolves as Teachers and Wayfinders


"WHO SPEAKS FOR WOLF?" Explore the role of wolves in nature, Native American culture, and modern humanity's views of the natural world. Amy and Zoe spoke with Phoenix, a young wolf in Washington, about the world and life lessons from a wolf point-of-view.

Wolves as Teachers and Wayfinders - Oneness A-Z
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MAY 8, 2017: Creating Resonance Across Cultures


As Oneness co-creators, we are called to interact from a place of harmony with our global community. In this call, Amy and Zoe discussed the concept of Cultural Coherence - how we celebrate cultural diversity and similarities which connect all peoples - and shared tips on how to connect across cultures and find common ground in our humanity.

Creating Resonance Across Cultures - Oneness A-Z
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APRIL 10, 2017: Birds - Feathered Friends and Messengers


How do birds show up in your life? When we tune into their presence we can intuit the messages they have for us. We discussed the cultural and spiritual significance of bird messages and language, and interpreted the symbolism of various birds who have showed up our listeners' lives. Listen here to celebrate birds as messengers of spirit, peace, and freedom.

Birds: Feathered Friends and Messengers - Oneness A-Z
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MARCH 13, 2017: Trees, People, and Interconnectivity


Did you know the network between trees in a forest rival that of the human brain? Or that trees communicate using mushrooms? We explored the forest through the eyes of trees, humans, and the energetic coherence we share. Learn how to connect with trees through meditation with a guided practice Zoe received from an Incense Cedar.

Trees, People, and Interconnectivity - Oneness A-Z
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FEBRUARY 13, 2017: The Art of Oneness


Amy and Zoe contemplated creative expression with dynamic singer-songwriter, storyteller, and meditation facilitator, Bob Sima. We discussed the power of saying "yes" to the song the Universe calls us to sing, the role of love and gratitude in our daily lives, and the support of community on our journey. Say "yes" with us!

The Art of Oneness - Oneness A-Z
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JANUARY 9th, 2017: Oneness Wishes


What are your Oneness Wishes for 2017? Explore the concepts of peace and unity from mystics, forward thinkers and the animal kingdom, then connect with your peace word through a guided meditation.

Oneness Wishes - Oneness A-Z
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