DECEMBER 12, 2016: Wisdom of Whales


Experience a LIVE conversation with a super pod of humpback whales hosted by our co-founders Master Animal Communicator Amy Miller, and Intuitive Ecologist & Animal Communicator, Zoe Hanley. We discussed the biology of baleen whale migration and song before connecting with and sharing the wisdom of this unique pod of whales. 

Wisdom of Whales - Oneness A-Z
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NOVEMBER 14, 2016: Heart-Centered Living


Open your heart space with special guest Ray Savage, a HeartMath & HeartIQ practitioner committed to ushering in the new paradigm with heart. Learn about the HeartMath Institute, heart connection and oneness among all beings, and experience a simple exercise to activate your heart-space. 

Heart-Centered Living - Oneness A-Z
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OCTOBER 10, 2016: Bolivia's Law of Mother Earth


Tune in to learn about Bolivia's Law of Mother Earth and its seven rights for nature. First, we discussed how this law came to fruition, the like-minded policies which have emerged all over the globe as a result, and how we can live the seven rights of nature in our daily lives. Then, the wonderful Carol Quinn of Heaven in Earth crystals introduced us to two Earth Star Chakra activation and healing meditations. 

Bolivia's Law of Mother Earth - Oneness A-Z
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